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Supported file types

NextBV is designed to accommodate a wide range of popular BoardView file types, making it easier than ever to view and analyze circuit board designs. Our app currently supports the following file types:

.ascASCII transfer file format (FABMaster/eM-Test Expert (R) /Tebo-ICT/TSICT, etc.). Consist of format.asc, nails.asc, nets.asc, parts.asc, pins.asc, *.bom (optional) files. If you want to open multiple boardviews in this format at once, you need to place each set of files in a separate folder and pack them to ZIP/RAR/7Z archive.
.bvATE BV Boardview.
.bvrFiles starting with BVRAW_FORMAT_1 or BVRAW_FORMAT_3.
.bvreEncoded version of BVR files. Starts with BVR3E.
.brdLandrex Test Link.
TOPTEST BoardView.
Cadence Allegro Binary PCB Design files up to version 23.
Autodesk EAGLE / Fusion 360 V6+.
.grBoardView_5.0 GR.
.fbrdAutodesk Fusion 360.
.fzPCB Repair Tool.
.bdvHONHAN BDV BoardViewer.
.kicad_pcbKiCad PCB.
.cadMentor Graphics Neutral File (Samsung).
.PcbDocAltium Designer PCB Binary Version 6.0.
Altium Designer PCB Binary Version 5.0.
Altium Designer PCB ASCII Version 5.0.
.tvwTebo ICTView (ICT/ATE fixture repair software).
.f2bUnisoft PC Board database file (Unisoft ProntoVIEW-MARKUP).
.pcbXZZ (XinZhiZao). Files starting with XZZPCB.
.asrAsus RMA boardview files.

We're continuously working to expand our supported file types to better serve the needs of our users. If you have suggestions for additional types/formats, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy the ease of viewing, analyzing, and understanding PCB designs with NextBV!


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